Bamboo Flooring Project

Bamboo Flooring Project

               Sharing Renewable Resources with the World

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a natural product derived directly from the ulm(stem) of the plant,

which grows, wild in the mountainous regions of China.

Our timber forestresources are seriously depleted and we must stop using the non-renewableresource.
It is a self-regerating and grows to full maturity within 5 years.

There is bothminimum waste and also minimum pollution in this harvesting and production.

All parts of thebamboo plant are utilized to produce a multitude of products, which are harder

than more resistant to moisture than popular hard woods such as Red Oak andCherry.

Processed bamboo is harder and more durable than most old-growth forest hardwoods.

With a tesile strength superior to cold rolled steel, it has a weight-to-strength ratiosurpassing

that of graphite and is regarded as the strongest growing plant onearth

The Smart WoodAlternative


Naturalregeneration of the plant every 5 years versus replanting and slow growth oftraditional hardwood trees.

Indentation Resistance

Fused, highdensity construction—2* as indentation

Resistant as redoak (Janka 2600 Vs. Red Oak 1200 )

Dimensionally stable-

Minimal expansionand contraction

Abrasion Resistant

Aluminum oxideparticles suspended in UV. Cured urethane.

Taber abrasiontested

“Color Through”construction

Natural color ofplant-no stain added

Superior Finish

4thgeneration “Anti-scratch” Finishing System utilizes the latest scratchresistance technology combined with co-polymer primer for optimum finishadhesion. Commercial finish warranty.

UV resistant

Resist fading fromlight sources

Hypoallergenic andnon-pollutant

No. CFCs or VOCemissions.

Easy to Install

All grade levels—fullspread (SIKA T55 recommended)

             Staple/”Float”/”Unilin Click: Available

Approved forcommercial and residential installations

Easy to maintain

Sweep/vacuum as required.Damp mop with wood floor cleaner.

Our company has helped more than 40 factories to set up strand woven bamboo flooring making project

in China sucessfully. If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate to email us.

Email: (Angel Zhou)