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The whole process of ice cream stick making machine (VIDEO)

The whole process of ice cream stick making machine (VIDEO)Link 1: (If you are in China)http://www.56.com/u70/v_MTExNTc1MTcx.htmlLink2: (If you are not in China, you can visit our video link in youtube)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewu1LddQplY

MBZS-3A BAMBOO WOOL SLICER--new innovation

BAMBOO STICK MAKING MACHINE---MODEL MBZS-3ABESTA BAMBOO MACHINE CO., LIMITED insists developing new machines.Name: Bamboo Wool Slicer, Bamboo Stick Making MachineMODEL: MBZS-3A Power: 6.3 KWFeeding Speed: 65 M/MINMain Axis Rotating Speed: 3500 R/MINDimension Size: 850*950*980MMBlade Equipped: 3 PCSNet Weight: 380 KGSIt is our newly designed model with 1 pcs of upper flat blades and 1 set of shaping blades.www.bestachina.comwww.bestamachine.comEmail: angelzhou1224@gmail.com (Angel Zhou)EMAIL: info@bestachina.com

Chemical Treatment

For bamboo stick treatment, you need to use the chemical. The name of chemical is called Hydrogen Peroxide.  

China Bamboo

China Bamboo Picture------------Angel Zhou Email: angelzhou1224@gmail.com Skype: angel12242008

Machine List---Wooden Toothpick Making Machine

Wooden Toothpick Making Machine (Machine List)1. WFP-1 Wood Dissection Machine          1 SET2. WLS-1 Wooden Stick Slicer                    1 SET3. WJQ-6 Precise Cutting Machine             1 SET4. WPG-1G Toothpick Polishing Machine   1 SET5. WXJ-1 Toothpick Sharpening Machine     1 SET6. TZQ-020 Medium Type Blade Sharpening Machine      1 SET7. PZJ-1 Toothpick Plastic Container Packing Machine   1 SETWelcome to email us at any time.BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE CO., LIMITED.ANGEL ZHOU 0086 186 5710 6860 (Whatsapp)EMAIL:  info@bestachina.com EMAIL:  angelzhou1224@gmail.com www.bestachina.com  info@bestachina.com ​Thank you for choose BESTA MACHINE. We are professional in this industry and knowing well about machines,technology and also have great strength in services. We can ensure the machine you buy from us is the latest technology and with competitive price. Welcome to email us . Welcome to visit us. CHOOSE BESTA, CHOOSE SUCCESS.

How to Visit Our Company ?

Dear Sirs,Our detailed contact information is as follows, welcome to visit our company.Pls kindly send us your visiting schedules and flight information. We willcome to the airport to pick you up.

How to Buy Machine from Us (Flows)

 How to Buy Machine from Us (Flows)                                   After your giving us the information we need, we will send you pricelist. Before the payment, we will prepare detailed proforma invoice for you with our bank account information.We will write all your requirements on the proforma invoice.Payment Terms & Delivery Time(We will also indicate it in the final proforma invoice)Payment Terms:  T/T in advanceDelivery Time: Within 30 days after confirming the receipt of advance payment. We will start manufacturing after confirming the receipt of advance payment.Generally, it willtake 25 to 30 days, if we can finish earlier, we will also email you.The Inspection of Goods.1.     You can come to check the machines.2.     We will also check it for you before delivering to our Shanghai Port, China.When the machines are approaching ready, we will email you about its schedules of shipment. We also sincerely wish you could come to inspect the machine performance before delivering. If you could not have time, you send your person in China or we will also test each machine performance for you and take related photos and videos. It is depending on you. For our side, we will check everything before shipment by myself. After our checking,we will send you pictures by email first. The balance payment should be made before shipment & We will bookthe shipment related for you. Wewill keep good communication with you by email. After shipment—Document Preparation.We are very professional in this. If you have special requirement, do not hesitate to communicate with us in advance. And about the final Consignee & the addressof sending documents, pls also kindly specify in email for confirmation. If you have any otherquestions regarding our machines, do not hesitate to email us. During the manufacturing of the machines,we will also keep good communication with you. After shipment, when thedocuments are ready, we will send you scanned copy first before we sendingthrough DHL. After our sending, we will give you DHL tracking No. We will also provideoperation manual book for instruction of the using of machines.

How Many Countries Our Machines are exported to ?

  How Many Countries Our Machines are exported to ?                                 Our machines are widely exported to India, Indonesia, Thailand,Philippines,Tanzania, Brazil, Colombia, etc. All of our machine is designed with high quality materials and precise treatment.Due to its high quality, our machines won the worldwide reputations. Angel Zhou is the most famous person in supply the bamboo processing equipmentsfrom China.

Bamboo Toothpick Machine (Machine List and Function)

 Bamboo Toothpick Machine (Machine List and Function)Auxiliary Equipment for bamboo toothpick production line  

Bamboo Toothpick Machine---Toothpick Size & Capacity

 The regular size of toothpick is 2.0MM*65MM, Double-pointed.If you wish to make single-pointed, when you order the toothpick sharpening machine,you should indicate it is for single-pointed toothpick sharpening.For toothpick sharpening machine, BXJ-1 toothpick sharpening machine is 1,700 to 2,000PCS/MIN (for double-pointed sharpening.)For sharpening single-pointed toothpick, the speed is less than double-pointed toothpick. If you wish to increase the quantity of producing toothpicks, you may consider increasing the quantity of the machine (model MZP-3/MZP-1/MBZS-5/BXJ-1).For toothpick packing machine, whether you wish to order or not is depending on your needs.If you wish to sell the toothpick in bulk and not sell in individual packing,you do not need to buy this machine.When you order the machines, you should also consider buying spare parts for future use with the machine order.

Bamboo Toothpick Machine--Before you write email to us

Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine Before you write email to us

What is the benefit by Utilizing Bamboo Resources?

What is the benefit by Utilizing Bamboo Resources?----especially for bamboo flooring project.  Besta Bamboo Machine Co., Limited is the world famous supplier of bamboo processing equipment. The bambo flooring equipments which are manufactured by us is world-class grade quality.The bamboo flooring unit is a commercially and socially effective means of processing bamboo into quality bamboo furniture or flooring materials. It has significant potential for income and welfare improvement for poor rural people both in the unit itself and in its forward and backward linkages.In addition, by using bamboo as a substitute for wood timber it reduces environmentaldegradation due to the overharvesting of timber trees. The unit requires considerable start-up capital and maybe best established with the guidance of our company. We have matured technology and also rich experience in helping more than 40 factories both at home and abroad to set up bamboo flooring factory successfully.For more detailed introduction of our machine & our service, welcome to visitour website. www.bestachina.comOr www.bestamachine.com  Or Email to us.BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE CO., LIMITED. Angel Zhou angelzhou1224@gmail.com

Why Choosing Our Strand Woven Flooring Machines?

1.   Our machines have the best quality all overthe world. Our strand woven bamboo production lines are used in 40 factories. Thesales of Strand woven bamboo flooring which are made by our production line isabout 0.2 billion every year. Our newest product line can work normally withoutrepairing for more than one year.2.   Our strand woven bamboo machines andtechnology is the best. Our Machine Factory is the first company who makes the strand woven bamboo flooring and develops the market. We have set up 40 factories in different area in china and foreign countries. We try to make the strand woven bamboo using different kinds of bamboo and in differentareas. So we have rich experiences. The strand woven bamboo products which are madeby our production line and technology can meet industry standards and exportstandards. We also join in making the industry standards.3.   We provide good service. We provide the machines, the detailed plan of the Strand woven bamboo flooring product line. (including machines list, Factory design,machines layout drawing and all the things you should prepare),processes andtechnology, training and good after selling service. You don’t need to worryanything. We believe that it is a good choice for the people who make thestrand wove bamboo at first time.For making strand woven bamboo flooring, wecan give you very useful and powerful support from the start to making thequalified finished products.

Machine List--Bamboo BBQ Stick, Bamboo Skewer Machine

Bamboo BBQ Stick Making Machine (Machine List)máquina de bambú BARBACOA  lista de máquinaspincho de bambú que hace la máquina  lista de máquinasAuxiliary Equipment