Wooden Toothpick Machine---Machine List

publisher: Angel Zhou
Time: 2013-02-28

Wooden Toothpick Making Machine----Machine List


For Sharpening Double-pointed toothpick,WXJ-1 Machine speed is about 2,000 PCS/MIN.

For Sharpening Single-pointed toothpick,WXJ-1 Machine Speed is about 1,000~1,500 PCS/MIN.


Pls kindly let us know the followinginformation,thank you.

1.      Wooden Toothpick Diameter/Length

2.      Capacity you need.

3.      The Shape of Toothpick you wish to make. (Single-pointed orDouble-pointed)?

4.      Your Local Working Voltage. (Here in China, it is 380V, 50HZ (threephase)


If you wish to know more about our machines, welcome to send email to us.

Email: angelzhou1224@gmail.com (Angel Zhou)


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