The Smart Wood Alternative--Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

publisher: Angel Zhou
Time: 2013-04-05

The Smart Wood Alternative --Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

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Environmentally sustainable

Natural regeneration of the plant every 5 years versus replanting and slow growth of traditional hardwood trees.

Indentation Resistance

Fused, high density construction—2* as indentation

Resistant as red oak (Janka 2600 Vs. Red Oak 1200 )

Dimensionally stable-

Minimal expansion and contraction

Abrasion Resistant

Aluminum oxide particles suspended in UV. Cured urethane.

Taber abrasion tested

“Color Through” construction

Natural color of plant-no stain added

Superior Finish

4th generation “Anti-scratch” Finishing System utilizes the latest scratch resistance technology combined with

co-polymer primer for optimum finish adhesion. Commercial finish warranty.

UV resistant

Resist fading from light sources

Hypoallergenic and non-pollutant

No. CFCs or VOC emissions.

Easy to Install

All grade levels—full spread (SIKA T55 recommended)

Staple/”Float”/”Unilin Click: Available

Approved for commercial and residential installations

Easy to maintain

Sweep/vacuum as required. Damp mop with wood floor cleaner.

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