New strand woven bamboo machine, stranding machine

New strand woven bamboo machine, stranding machine


Stranding machine, bamboo crusher, bamboo flattening machine


It is a new kind of machine for strand woven furniture boards raw material making.

It is applicated in strand woven bamboo industry.

Feeding the 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 raw bamboo culm into this machine and you get

fully stranded bamboo strips. (Flattening and stranding)

Machine Technical Data

Milling Blade Size: 90*180mm

Blade Equipped: 4 PCS

Iron Teeth Feeding Roller Spec.120*45mm (4 pcs)

Feeding Speed:30 to 40 M per Min

Main Axis Rotation Speed: 3500 R/MIN

Processing thickness: 3 to 14MM

Processing width (The materials expanding width):

No wider than 170 MM.

Stranded Width:(finished products after stranding) :

No wider than 240MM

Minimum Processing Length: 450 MM

Machine Size:5800*900*1500MM

Weight: 4900KGS

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Application: Strand Woven Bamboo Furniture Board Making, Strand woven

bamboo flooring makings. It is current most advance technology for making

bamboo (big bamboo pole) -1/2,1/3, 1/4 PARTS into this machine and flatten

it and crush the bamboo fiber and making it into stranded bamboo strips.

It is our patent products and it is current world top one machine for making

bamboo into stranded bamboo strips.  

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We have more than 45 big projects both at home and abroad for strand woven

bamboo furniture boards making and also flooring making. We have a great many sucessful

stories for helping investors, customer who first time setting up this projects.

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