High quality Bamboo & Wood Fine Powder Making Machine (100 to 400 meshes)

publisher: ANGEL ZHOU
Time: 2018-05-07
Summary: high quality bamboo powder making machines , wood powder making machine fine powder machine

How to make use of Bamboo Wastage?

How to make use of Wood Wastage ?

Making bamboo wastage into bamboo fine powder and use in incense making industry is good choice.

BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE CO., LIMITED can provide you a whole package plan for bamboo 

powder making machine (fine powder), which can be widely used in many industries, 

like incense making, leather making etc.


The main machine list are as follows,

Material Pulverizing Machine (Two model Option: FS-50-50, FS-50-40)

Powder Making Machine (BMFJ-4G, BMFJ-6G) Including


1. Main Machine (MFJ-4G : 30kw,  MFJ-6G:37KW)

2. Control Box

3. Material supply holder  (0.75KW)

4. Material separator for main machine body

5. Powder Screening Machine (3Kw)

6. Material Unloading Device (0.75kw)

7.Blower  (for materials transport) (3kw)

8. Dust Bag (for dust removing)

Two capacity for choosing:

BMFJ-4G:  90 to 250 KGS/hour ( for 60-400 mesh )--WHOLE LINE

BMFJ-6G:  110 to 300KGS/hour (for 60 to 400 mesh)--WHOLE LINE

1 person for operation one line it is ok 2 person for operation 3 lines it is ok.


For more detailed introduction, pricelist, welcome to email us.

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