MBZS-4 Round Bamboo Stick Making Machine (Besta Brand)

MBZS-4 Round Bamboo Stick Making Machine (Besta Brand)


This is machine for making bamboo strip into bamboo stick.

The shape is decided by the shaping blades

This machine is for making standard size bamboo strip into round bamboo stick:

Ex. 5.5mm, 5.8mm, 6mm. It is for chopstick making purpose.

You can also make flat strip from this machine. It is decided by the shaping blade



Technical Data

Model: MBZS-4

Name: Bamboo Wool Slicer (bamboo stick making machine)

Function: Making Bamboo Strip into bamboo stick General

 Power: 9.5 KW Main Axis Speed: 4600 RPM

Mechanical Size: 1250*1000*950MM

Net Weight: 600 KGS

Packing Size: 1290*1040*1050 MM

Gross Weight: 680 KGS


1. It can slice the round bamboo sticks or square bamboo wools.

2. When you buy this machine, pls indicate the size of the diameter.

3. The size of the stick can be adjusted by changing its shaping blades on this machine.


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