Bamboo Stick Making Machines
Bamboo Stick Making Machines

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Bamboo Stick Making Machines

Our company is the leading supplier of bamboo stick making machines.

Our machines are widely exported to India, Indoneisa, Thailand, Philippies, Brazil and other countries.

The Inner Hole of the  Raw Bamboo

The diameter should be bigger than 3 CM.

Strip Thickness After Splitting

Less than 15 mm (Generally)

Thickness Process Capability

(MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer)

Less than 15 mm (Generally)

Width Process Capability

(MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer)

In China, it will be less than 15mm.

If you have special needs, we can design the machine  for processing the strip with WIDTH 20mm.

Before Putting into MBZS-5

Bamboo Wool Slicer

If you wish to make 1.5 mm round bamboo stick, the  strip before feeding into stick slicing machine should be 3.5 mm.

The strip with 2.5 mm thickness can also make 1.5mm  diameter round bamboo sticks, but it is depending on local bamboo  characteristics. There are no strict requirements.

For Some species which has the characteristics of easily broken in the BAMBOO KNOT PART,you can also consider our model: MBZS-2 or MBZS-2A Bamboo Wool Slicer.

If you are not sure about your bamboo characteristics, we kindly suggest you to sendus bamboo or bamboo strip sample to us. ,

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