Glue Coating Machine, Glue Adding Machine
Glue Coating Machine, Glue Adding Machine

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BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE is the most famous supplier of bamboo flooring making machines.

We can supply both solid bamboo flooringmaking machine &

also strand woven bamboo flooring machines.

We supply both hot pressing machine & cold pressing machines for the board.

Machine Quality is our top priority.

We also offer you a complete service of project plan, budget, installation and training.

Choosing us means choosing the best machine supplier.
We have a professional team to provide you professional service since the project proposal

until your machine installations,producing the quality strand woven bamboo furniture board.

The Machine List of Making Normal Bamboo Furniture Board Or Normal Bamboo Flooring (Solid Bamboo Flooring(vertical/horizontal)

1.      Raw Bamboo Sawer (SawingMachine

2.      Bamboo Splitting Machine

3.      Carbonizing Boiler

4.      Elementary Bamboo Strip MakingMachine

5.      Further High Speed FurtherPlaning Machine

6.     Glue Coating Machine  

7.      Normal Solid Bamboo FlooringMachine (Press)

8.      Sanding Machine

9.      Trimming Machine for board.

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