Mold Cavity of Cold Press
Mold Cavity of Cold Press
Mold Cavity of Cold Press

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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Machine consists a series of machines.

Eachmachine has each machine functions.

Name of Machine:  Mold Cavity

Technical Data For Mold Cavity

1. Type: YDMC-1920

2. Working Voltage

4. Power: 7.5kw

5. Dimension:2.5MX1MX0.97M

6 . Number of Cylinders:5 PCS

The mold-cavity is separate from the press. Themold-cavity is one form with good steel and machining one time in large scale NC gantry-type milling. So the mold-cavity is extremely strong (It will notdeform. It is very important) and very accurate (It will save the bamboomaterial, this is very important).You can only change the mold-cavity to changeyour block size. For example, you can change the size (1920*105*143) to(1920*140*143) easily.

We suggest you choose this block size (1920*140*143). Itis the standard size for bamboo flooring. If you want to make the furniture and doors, we suggest these block size. (2270*140*143) or(2400*140*143).You also can order one product line and two block sizes( You should order two mold-cavity and two sets of molds).

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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring as a high density materialswhich can compare with wood, has gained more and more popularity in the currentmarkets.

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