YDDR-55 Strip Drying Machine
YDDR-55 Strip Drying Machine

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YDDR-55 Strip Drying Machine

Application: Strand Woven Flooring Making

Electricity Power Input: 380V,50HZ

Power: 24 KW

Dimension Size: 3.2M*2.4M*55Meter

Speed: 0.7 meter/Min---7Meter/min

Numbers of Fans: 14

Numbers of Layer: 2 layers

Heating Medium: Steam or Oil

Output: 20 Tons materials per 18 hours

When you will need this drying machine?

1.    After steaming of strip/After the carbonizing of bamboo strip, you need this machine to make the the strip dried.

2.    After dipping the strip into glue and before presssing them into strand woven beams, you also need this machine.

For one production line, we kindly suggest you to buy 2 SETS of YDDR-55 strip drying machine.

For a better understanding about our whole production line of strand woven flooring making,

,welcome to email us for the product catalogue and pricelist. We will send you very detailed project proposals.

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