Four Side Bamboo Strip Planing Machine
Four Side Bamboo Strip Planing Machine

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Name of Machine: MBHB-4 Bamboo Strip Further Planing Machine

Function: Planing the strip into standard thickness and width

Application: Bamboo Chopstick Making/Solid Bamboo Flooring Making

Flow of processing bamboo into standard bamboo strip

1.       Raw Bamboo

2.       Cutting the bamboo into certain length

3.       Splitting the bamboo into bamboo strips

4.       MBXD-10 Elementary Bamboo Strip Planing Machine (Knot removing/width, thickness setting)

5.       Chemical Treatment of Strip

6.       Drying

7.       MBHB-4 High Speed Further Planing Machine (After drying, the strip will be bent and you need this machine to set the accurate size again)

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Technical Data of MBHB-4 High Speed Further Strip Planing Machine

1.       Planing Width: 15 to 30 MM

2.       Planing Thickness: 4 to 15 MM

3.       Minimum Planing Length: 600MM

4.       Blade Rotating Speed: 15000 RPM

5.       General Power of Blade Axis : 10 KW

6.       General Power of Feeding Motor : 3 KW

7.       Feeding Speed: 45M/MIN

8.       Mechanical Weight: 900 KGS

9.       Dimension Size: 2000*850*1070MM

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