Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine
Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Product review


Name: A complete line of Bamboo & Wood Charcoal Making Machine


Main Machine list:

1. Pulverizer (Grinding the raw materials into small powder)

2. Drying Machine (A system for drying the powders)

3. Charcoal Shape-forming machine (Shape forming the powder into charcoal beam)

4. Charcoal Making Furnace

Raw Material Requirement
Saw dust, straw, peanut shell, fruit shell, rice shell etc which contains the wood fiber.

The Size of the raw materials: The length of materials after pulverizing shall be less than 5mm and the diameter shall be less than 3mm, in granule format.

The Crafts of Pulverizer

Name Pulverizer

Power 22 KW

Rotating Speed 3500 R/MIN

Machine Size 2000×900×700MM

The Crafts Flow of Drying Machine (system)

Name: Drying Machine

Power: 22 KW

Machine Size:  18000×1180×520 MM

Machine Weight: 1500 KGS

The Crafts Flow of Charcoal Shape Forming Machine

Machine Power: 22 KW

Machine Size:2380*1480*1380MM

Machine Weight: 860 KGS