Ice Cream Stick Production Line
Ice Cream Stick Production Line

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The best ice-cream stick, ice spoon, tongue depressor stick production line

Manufacturer Name: Besta Bamboo Machine Co., Limited.

Machine List

1. L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine

2. CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine

3. PG-6-L Polishing Machine

4. BSM-010 Blade Sharpening Machine (Electromagnetic)

5. Auxiliary Equipment

(1) 3 Ton Steam Generator

(2) Heat Exchanger

(3) Draught Fan

6. Selecting Machine (For quality control)

7. Chamfering Machine (angle-chamfering)

8. Branding Machine

9. Packing Machine (1 pc/bag)

For detailed each machine introduction, welcome to email us.

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2. We also have icecream stick making factories for more than 15 years and we know well about the crafts. Our products are widely exported to Japan, Australia and other countries. As you know, for Japan market, it put high standard on product quality. But our quality control and crafts are very mature. We are both professional in machine and also the crafts of making products.

3. We will offer you the layout, the best machine suggestion, machine service for you.



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