Ice cream stick lining machine
Ice cream stick lining machine
Ice cream stick lining machine
Ice cream stick lining machine

Product review


Lining Machine (with calculator)




Lining Machine


0.37 KW

Working Voltage

380V, 50HZ     

Machine Size

3100*500*1000 MM


40,000 PCS/Hour

Machine Introduction

  1. The bulk products into bin, the motor drives the chain, the product through thedrive chain run, feeding center for automatic flap, the last to the end of themachine automatically blouses, greatly facilitate the operation, reduceproduction personnel and labour intensity.

  1. A continuous work by counter can adjust the machines can also be controlled byfoot switch. Ice cream bar volleys of turning machine is among the automaticflap, out of the side plate, saves the manpower, improve the work efficiency.

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Completeline of ice cream stick machine (From wood into finished ice

Creamstick)—HOT VIDEO (pls copy the link address & Visit)


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