Wooden Chopstick Making Machine
Wooden Chopstick Making Machine
Wooden Chopstick Making Machine
Wooden Chopstick Making Machine

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​Wooden Chopstick Making Machine

Wood Twin Chopstick Making Machine-China most professional supplier.

Besta Bamboo Machine Co., Limited (CHINA) is a professional machine supplier of bamboo and wood processing machines.

We can offer you a whole production line for making wooden twin

chopstick, can be specially design for you and also providing you

technology and services.

Our machines are widely exported to many countries, like Uzibekstan,

Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Iran and other countries.

Choosing Besta , Choosing Sucess.


WTX-4  Shape forming Machine

Model: WTX-4

Brand: BESTA

Motor Power : 5.5 KW
Output: 80 pairs/MIN
Axis Rotation Speed: 5500R/MIN

Machine Size: 2200*800*1400MM
Machine Weight: 650 KGS

XT-1 Automatic Sharpening Machine
Brand: BESTA

Power: 4.1KW

Machine Size: 1400*650*1200MM
Output: 130 Pairs/MIN

Wooden Twin Chopstick Making Lines

  1. Wood Dissection Machine (2 sets)

  2. Precise Cutting Machine

  3. Shape Forming Machine

  4. Automatic Sharpening Machine (one end)

  5. Chopstick Polishing Machine

  6. Medium Type blade sharpening machine

  7. Chopstick Packing Machine

For detailed machine technical data and pricelist, welcome to email us.

We can also offer you the spare parts related to the machine.

If you need engineer services, we are also very glad to help you.

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