Tongue depressor stick Polishing and Dusts Removing Machine (hig quality)
Tongue depressor stick Polishing and Dusts Removing Machine (hig quality)
Tongue depressor stick Polishing and Dusts Removing Machine (hig quality)
Tongue depressor stick Polishing and Dusts Removing Machine (hig quality)
Tongue depressor stick Polishing and Dusts Removing Machine (hig quality)

Product review


MGCC-6 Dust removing and Polishing Machine


For MGCC-6 Dust removing & polishing. It is mainly designed for

the ice-cream stick after do the chamfering process. After chamfering

the side of the ice-cream stick, the stick itself is with dust.

We designed this new type of machine is for dust removing and polishing.

so that the finished product will reach a higher standard and quality.

This machine do not need to connect with other devices. It is just with 1 set

of draught fan.  

This two type of machine, the internal structure is also different.

For detailed introduction about the whole production line, welcome to contact us.

We will send you very detailed project proposal.

If you are going to start ice-cream stick making, ice spoon making or

tongue depressor stick making, our company will be the best choice for you.

We are the most professional supplier in this industries and have abundant

experience in machine making and also know well about the crafts of making

high quality products. Our company also have our own ice-cream stick making

factories and our machine can meet high standards Japan markets needs.

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Complete line introductions 

Ice cream stick making machine 

Tongue depressor stick making Machine 

Ice spoon making machine 

Coffee stirring stick making Machine

Brand: BESTA

Introduction of Our Company 

Our Ice cream stick Machine Factory is located in the northeast of China., 

which has the history of manufacturing machine for more than 15 years. 

Meanwhile, we also have our own product factory. 

We engaged in the production of ice cream stick products for more than 18 years. 

Our ice cream stick products, are mainly exported to Japan and United States, 

and other markets.80% of Japan markets ice cream stick/ice spoon, are manufactured by our own Ice cream stick factory. 

In the past 15 years, we are committed to the machine development, keeping the innovation of the machine all the times.

We also continued to improve the product processing technology according to different species of wood. 

For birch wood, poplar tree, etc, we have gained rich experiences. 

For abroad training and installation service, we have experienced senior engineer for

 help you to install the machine, training your workers.


The flow of Making wood into ice cream stick products (etc)

The Main Machines for making ice cream stick 

The process of making wood into ice cream stick 

Finished product of ice cream stick/ice spoon/tongue depressor stick etc.

We have our own spare parts processing workshop and 95% of the parts are 

made by ourselves. We can control the quality of the machine well. 

All of the machine are keep innovation all the times and our parts used is high 

quality materials and are durable. 

Our Customers

We  receive a great many of customers from different countries each year, notably customers from India,

 Indonesia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, the Philippines, Burma, Colombia, Mexico,  Brazil, Iran, 

Uzbekistan ,Egypt and other countries. 

We communicate with customers sincerely and show them our  machine factory and related production line. 

Customers are very satisfied with our machines and services. 

We sincerely hope that all the customers who want to run the factory can achieve a great success

 with the help of our professional services. 

Thank you for choosing BESTA. 

We appreciate your trust and thank you for your friendship. 

We are good partners and friends forever.

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