Ice cream stick branding machine, logo printing machine (LY-1)

Group Wooden Ice cream Stick Machine
Min. Order 1 set
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2020-08-15
Item specifics
Functionlogo printing for wooden spoon, wooden stick
NameLogo Printing Machine
Delivery timeWithin 25 days
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Name of Machine:

Ice-cream Stick Branding Machine, Ice Spoon Branding Machine

Machine Model: LY-1

Type: One side printing

Power: 0.37 KW

Working Voltage: 380V, 50HZ (Three phase)-can be customer made.

Application: Ice cream stick, ice spoon,etc.

Machine Size: 2120*630*1200MM

Machine Weight: 176 KGS

Output: 18,000 PCS/Hours

When you order this machine, pls kindly let us know your product name, size.

Thank you.

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Our Wood machinery mainly has the following series

We will provide the machine photos, accessories and packaging pictures for our customers, etc. to the customer beforeshipment. Our machinery (Besta machine) is mainly exported to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Our company's wood machinery has always insisted on innovation and continuous research and development of new machines, as well as better performance equipment.

Over the past 10 years,we have received more than 200 customers to visit our factory.

Our machines are widely exported more than 30countries.Iternational Service Available.

Our services and commitment

Our after-sales service has always been in place and we are able to provide quality after-sales service. 

We used to send our machine engineers to many countries ex. Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cameroon,

and many other countries in helping customers build their own factories and give them professional technical guidance, 

we can consider more for you. We will continue to serve our customers  by provide good technical services.

Regarding export services, we have a professional team to provide you with intimate and quality services. 

We will produce according to the requirements of the customer country.

If you need high quality machines and good service, please contact us. Choose us and choose success.


Ice Cream Wood Sticks Production Line

Popsicle Sticks Making Machine

Russia Ice cream stick making projects


All our equipment is made of high quality materials. 90% of the machine parts are processed by our company. All machines are developed and designed by ourselves and are constantly being improved. We have been engaged in the production of ice cream bar equipment for more than 18 years. We have been engaged in the production of ice cream bar (stick) products for nearly 15 years. Our own ice cream sticks and ice cream products have been exported to Japan, the United States, Canada and so on.

​Our own ice cream bar factory produces high-end ice cream bar products, which are currently only available in very few companies. We are engaged in the production of equipment ourselves. We have extensive experience in ice cream bars, tongue depressors, coffee bars, etc. We have absolute advantages in terms of wood selection, product technology and so on.

As far as domestic ice cream stick equipment suppliers are concerned, many are trading companies, and we are direct equipment manufacturers. We put the quality of the shutdown device from the source, and also provide quality service in the later stage. We also sent our masters to debug in many countries, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Indonesia, India and other countries, all using our equipment. Our equipment, every year, will make machine improvements. 

BESTA MACHINE--is world top one high quality machine supplier for providing high quality machines.

Our main production line are Wooden ice cream stick making machine, Wooden tongue depressor stick making machine, wooden magnum stick making machine , wooden spoon making machine, wooden medical stick making machine, ice cream stick order arranging, stick selecting, bundling machine., wooden toothpick, chopstick making machines, wooden timber making machine. wooden round big stick making machine, wooden broom stick machine etc.  

Our ice cream stick machine factory

Our ice cream stick machine factory

Our ice cream stick machine factory

Our ice cream stick machine factory & customers from abroad. 

Machine list for ice cream stick machine 

Supplier name: BESTA MACHINE

Wooden Ice cream stick production line is consisted by the following machines

Key Machines

1. L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine (BESTA BRAND)   1 SET

2. CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine  (BESTA BRAND)   2 SETS

3. PG-6-L3 Polishing Machine (drying) (BESTA BRAND)  4 SETS

4. BSM-010 Blade Grinding Machine (Magnetism type) (BESTA BRAND)  1 SET

Other machines you may need 

1. LS-114  Stick Order Arranging Machine  (BESTA BRAND)  1 SET

2. FX-001C  Stick Quality Control Machine (BESTA BRAND)   6 TO 8 SETS

3. MQ-01S Chamfering Machine (BESTA BRAND)  6 TO 12 SETS

4. MGCC-6 Dust removing and stick further polishing machine (BESTA BRAND)  1 SET

5. LS-1S/LY-1  Ice cream stick branding machine (logo printing) (BESTA BRAND) 1 SET

6. BDK-114V/BDK114  Bundling Machine  (BESTA BRAND) 1 SET

Auxiliary equipment Machine

1. Heat Exchanger (According to your capacity)

2. Draught Fan (According to your capacity)

3. Steam Boiler/Gas Boiler (1 SETS)

Before Using L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine, you shall do the boiling of the wood. 

Different wood, the boiling method is different. We can provide both machines and technology of how to make 

high quality wooden ice cream sticks. Abroad training service is available.

ice cream stick machine

ice cream stick machine

ice cream stick machine

carved cuuting machine

After wood rotary cutting, you need CCM-003C Machine to do the carved cutting of ice cream stick, tongue depressor stick, 

coffee stirring stick shape forming. By change the different shape, moulds of blade, you can make various products . 

ice cream stick machine

Our CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine Merits 

ice cream stick machine

ice cream stick machine

coffee stirring stick machine

We can also provide our customer various shape and moulds for our CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine, enabling you 

make ice cream stick, ice spoon, tongue depressor stick, coffee stirring stick etc. 

ice cream stick machine

Complete Line of  ice Cream Stick Machine 

The same production line can enable you to make, 

(1) Wooden Ice cream stick  (ex. 93/114mm length stick)

(2) Tongue depressor stick (ex. 140mm/150mm/152mm tongue depressor stick)

(3) Coffee Stirring Stick (ex. 140mm coffee stirring stick)

(4) Ice spoon stick ( 75mm ice spoon stick)

ice cream stick machine

ice cream stick machine